In addition to wiki source files, wikifier can serve content from documents written in Markdown.

Markdown files are stored in a dedicated directory, determined by the directive. As with page files, the wikiserver monitors the markdown file directory and generates them immediately upon changes.

Rather than simply injecting the Markdown content as HTML, wikifier parses and translates each Markdown file to the wikifier source language. These generated wiki source files are then served just like any other page file.

wikifier uses the cmark Markdown parser, which implements the CommonMark specification. wikifier also supports GFM tables via a custom extension.


First, you need cmark. Follow that link and look at the README for details on how to install it, but here is an example for a systemwide installation:

apt-get install cmake
git clone
cd cmark
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make test
make install

Now install the CommonMark module from CPAN:

cpanm CommonMark

If the module from CPAN fails to install, this is likely because it was unable to locate cmark on the system.